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With decades of experience, we can help customers resolve the most challenging cleaning needs and come up with a solution that is efficient, safe and within budget. Over many years AWT has developed relationships with elite waterjet manufacturers throughout the world. Each manufacture has strengths and abilities that gives AWT an unique opportunity to choose the proper components that satisfy any application. These exceptional resources enable both AWT and the customer the highest probability of success.

Aluminum sign and extrusion stripping

AWT provides sign cleaning service that allows the customer to re-use existing aluminum signs and aluminum extrusions. Our process utilizes ultra-high pressure waterjets to remove reflective tape and adhesive leaving a clean aluminum blank that can be put back into service. AWT is also the original manufacturer of automated sign stripping tables and conveyors

AWT is Your Waterjet Equipment Experts

AWT can provide sales, parts and service for dozens of waterjet equipment and parts OEMs. Some of the brands we support:

Midwest Mobile Waterjet

Midwest Mobile Waterjet is a MN based contractor specializing in applications utilizing UHP water (over 25,000 psi). We have in-depth experience in applications including coating removal, industrial cleaning, concrete scarification, hydrolasing and waterjet cutting. We are set up to provide services to any location in North America.

Gardner Denver

Gardner Denver is a global producer of blowers, air compressors, petroleum pumps, water jetting pumps and accessories, fluid transfer equipment, and liquid ring pumps. Gardner Denver designs, manufactures, markets, and services a diverse group of pumps used in oil and natural gas drilling production, well servicing and stimulation. Gardner Denver also offers water jetting pumps and accessories for industrial cleaning and maintenance.

High Pressure Equipment Co

High Pressure Equipment Co is a provider of components and systems for elevated pressure applications. We design, manufacture, and market products used in the chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, waterjet cutting and blasting, industrial research and development, general industrial, university and pharmaceutical industries.

Jet Edge

Jet Edge is a world leader in ultra-high pressure (UHP) waterjet and abrasivejet technology. We manufacture complete systems and related products for precision cutting, surface preparation and coating removal.


StoneAge is a world leading provider of tools and equipment for water blast cleaning, specializing in mechanized equipment and rotary nozzles.

Advanced Waterjet Technologies (AWT)


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