Industrial Cleaning Services

Experience the difference of safe, efficient industrial tank cleaning services from Midwest Mobile Waterjet. MMW utilizes the latest automated cleaning tools for tank and vessel cleaning, pipe and process line cleaning and buildup removal found in many different industries. MMW can provide some of the highest pressures and horsepower in the industry in combination with robotic tools, 3D vessel cleaning tools and custom made solutions to solve the toughest industrial cleaning challenges.

Industries We Serve


Auto Plants

Cement Plants

Chemical Plants

Coal Mines



Paint and Coating



Pulp & Paper


Rubber Plants

Steel Mills

Food Processing

Forging Plants



Water Treatment Plants

Power Plants (incl. nuclear)

Oil Fields

Surface Preparation

Achieve SSPC-SP12/NACE No.5 compliant surface preparation standards with our fast, easy and environmentally safe ultra high-pressure waterjetting and water-blasting technique. We can cut through tough buildups of paint, elastomers, epoxy, corrosion, scale and other surface deposits without damaging underlying surfaces or substrates. Remove soluble salts, microscopic solids and chemical contaminants. Eliminate films, chemical residuals and solvent films. Using small volumes of water and no hazardous chemicals, we get surfaces 100% clean, ready to accept new coatings with maximum adhesion.

Waterjet technology is also ideal for efficient and dustless removal of many concrete coating types.  Midwest Mobile Waterjet utilizes custom made robotic and automated equipment for removing waterproof membranes, anti-slip coatings, and traffic coatings from parking garages, storage tanks and other concrete substrates.

Parts & Process Equipment Cleaning

Enhance your operational up-time and help extend the life of your process equipment and parts. Our ultra high-pressure water-jetting technique blasts away residual materials without damaging your process equipment or parts, making them look like new again. Contact our team with questions regarding the process equipment types and parts that we have serviced.

Refractory Removal

Remove refractory materials quickly and safely with our ultra high-pressure waterjetting technology. Our process is ideal for removing material from boiler tubes, furnaces, kilns, reactors and more. Midwest Mobile Waterjet is an industry leader is utilizing robotic and custom designed solutions for the toughest refractory removal projects. With years of robotic concrete demolition experience within our company MMW has successfully adapted much of this powerful equipment to be used in refractory demolition applications.

Asphalt Silo Cleaning

Got a clogged asphalt silo or silo with heavy buildup that is hurting capacity and efficiency? We can break through built-up asphalt without ever having to worry about confined space entry. Our non-entry method uses ultra high-pressure blasting technology to blast away and break through the most difficult asphalt clogs or buildup—a method that is typically safer and faster than traditional mechanical methods of cleaning. MMW will utilize our 20,000 psi pumps and custom made tooling to delivery up to 1000 nozzle horsepower into a problem silo.

Aluminum Scaffold Cleaning

Dirty aluminum scaffold planks are heavier and generally less safe to use. Instead of going through a costly replacement process, have them cleaned back to like-new condition for a fraction of the cost! At your location or ours, our fully automated process uses ultra high-pressure waterjetting up to 40,000 psi to clean off paint, cement, glue, mortar and more—all without using harmful or hazardous chemicals.

Don’t just take our word for it. View how clean we get this aluminum scaffold.

Aluminum Concrete Form Cleaning

Aluminum concrete forms can be effectively cleaned to remove concrete residue buildup without the use of chemicals or abrasives. Our process removes the unwanted materials without removing the “cure” from the form. Thereby allowing the forms to be immediately put back into service. Fast, reliable, consistent, service allows you to keep your forms providing high quality finished walls for your customers.