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Waterjet Cutting Fume Duct in Messena, NY

MMW is currently cutting 16 foot diameter fume ducts from heights up to 90 feet. After cutting began, our crew discovered steel supports inside of the pipe that they were cutting. They quickly adapted to the situation and came up […]

Hydrodemolition on Edgar M. Hoopes Dam

MMW is currently completing a hydrodemolition project on the Edgar M. Hoopes Dam near Wilmington, DE using a state-of-the-art lift to access difficult to reach areas on the face of the dam with a robotic blasting tool.

Meeting Deadlines in Sub-Zero Temperatures Using Hydrodemolition

MMW Completed hydrodemolition on Mississippi river Lock and dam 17 for the Army Core of Engineers in New Boston, Illinois ahead of schedule despite windy, freezing conditions. MMW utilized overlapping shifts to prevent freezing conditions from disrupting the scheduled completion […]

Concrete hydrodemolition removal

Midwest Mobile Waterjet recently completed a challenging hydro demolition project at a Duluth MN waste water treatment plant.   Specification required concrete hydrodemolition removal depth to be determined by pH and chloride levels.   All work was completed on time and within […]

Polyurea Coating Removal Project in Pueblo, CO.

Midwest Mobile Waterjet recently completed a large public water tank polyurea lining removal project in Pueblo CO.   This project became particularly challenging when it was discovered upon start-up that the entire tank had been skim coating with a very hard […]

Hydrodemolition on Brighton Dam

Midwest Mobile Waterjet recently completed a challenging hydro-demolition project on the Brighton Dam near Baltimore Maryland. The project required hydro demolition of approximate 16,000 square feet of shotcrete, over a concrete base on the spillway of the Brighton Dam. Do […]

Storage tank demolition in Florida

Midwest Mobile Waterjet (MMW) recently successfully completed a 300,000 million steel storage tank demolition at a papermill in Florida. The tank previously contained white liquor and was located in a turpentine handling area of the plant so a strict “Cold […]

Hydro demolition bridge project in Florida

Midwest Mobile Waterjet recently completed a hydro demolition bridge project near Port St Lucie Florida. The general contractor, Lead Engineering, was looking for a solution to speed up the process of removing the bridge decks from several bridges on Interstate […]

Providing equipment and training in Ndola, Zambia

Midwest Mobile Waterjet recently provided waterjet cutting equipment to the Nairobi, Kenya based company, Belgravia Services so they could safely remove the floor of a petroleum storage tank for repairs. The work was performed at Belgravia’s Ndola, Zambia branch at […]

Bridge Hopping in West Memphis, Arkansas

Midwest Mobile Waterjet completed our largest square footage project thus far in West Memphis, AR, which consisted of 6 separate bridges on 3 different stretches of highways in the area that needed to be heavily scarified for the new concrete […]