Scott Shurtliff

Midwest Mobile Waterjet (MMW) recently provided waterjet cutting services supporting a project critical to the effective functioning of a major component at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL). This task entailed cutting an 18” diameter hole in a 2” thick pressure vessel made from an exotic steel material with high sensitivity to micro-fissures and cracking.  As there was no spare component, a failed cut would have had severe consequences including up to two years of schedule delay and associated costs.

Brian Gleeson and his team assisted our engineering efforts from the early stages of this project through the final cut, and provided multiple opportunities for our group to understand and utilize the refined skills he offers.  Efforts concluded with a carefully planned, timely, safe, and precise cut in front of a large audience.

The successful execution of this effort by MMW was the result of a host of refined skills contributed by Brian’s team including a profound understanding of all aspects of water jet cutting technology; effective planning in a time critical environment; problem solving to overcome emergent difficulties; and consistent professionalism.